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2023 Funding Request

To our community in Lowville and the surrounding areas:

Lowville Free Library is a small-town public library committed to providing and prioritizing resources and opportunities for lifelong learning and development, creating spaces for community members to gather and participate, and building consistent community connections.

With a rich history in our local community, we want that relationship to continue and grow. Some of the things available through our local library are materials that can be checked out (including access to materials from libraries across the north country), classes and experiences that are available with a library card, programs for all ages, evolving technology and technology help, and community spaces available to organizations and individuals.

While offering programs for all ages, following Covid-19, Lowville Free Library largely invests our programming resources in the areas of early literacy and elementary ages to alleviate the effects of missed educational and social interactions for children in our community.

This year, Lowville Free Library is requesting an increase to our public funding. The proposed increase to $135,000 a year will allow Lowville Free Library to:

  • Further grow our children’s program schedule
  • Expand our YA (Teen) offerings and space
  • Offer computer literacy classes and increased support to the local community
  • Retain adequate staffing to offer our services
  • Pay our four staff members a living wage

Lowville Free Library is supported by local public funds and does not receive direct funding from New York State. Sources outside of public-approved funding include funding from municipalities, which is discretionary year-to-year, and other small grants and aid that come to the library through the North Country Library System. We utilize additional grants to fund individual projects and programs, but per grant rules, typical grant funding cannot be used to cover operating expenses.

This means that Lowville Free Library currently relies on public-approved funding (via the LACS ballot) for 84% of its public funding, which in turn makes up 80% of our operating revenue (3-year average). This funding source is the most sustainable year to year and allows Lowville Free Library to make predictable, responsible budgets, especially as it navigates increasing costs while maintaining or increasing services to the community. 

In short, a school ballot proposition decided by the voters is the best way to support the incredible work done at Lowville Free Library each year. 

This year’s school election is May 16, 12-8 pm, at Lowville Academy and Central School.

We welcome any questions, and are so grateful to be a part of this community.

Lowville Free Library Board of Trustees

For more information, visit our Public Funding FAQ page.